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The Education for True Culture Series


The following are the first two books in the Education for True Culture Series. Double click below each to download a pdf. of a chapter.

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Heart Wings: An Account of Children Learning though Heart-Centered Education

Heart Wings relates the story of pioneering advances in holistic education for over 25 years on the six tranquil acres at the Robert Muller School of Fairview, Texas. The philosophies of the greatest thinkers in education; discoveries of the heart/brain system; and the exuberant child population have inspired approaches that foster joyful learning. This account of a challenging yet exhilarating journey includes vignettes of children who have blossomed in a heart-centered approach. Heart Wings relates the evolvement of stories to enliven historical dramas and scientific sagas, and to serve as thematic sparks for children's self-expression and co-creation. Nature, the communal matrix, cultivation of the imagination, and heart to heart relationships commingle as essential aspects of this process, which evokes the generative genius in children and the harmonies of a new era in education.

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The childhood embracing voices of Tolstoy, Montessori, Steiner and Dewey and more recently A. S. Neil and John Holt resound in A Heritage of Great Thoughts. The Harmonics include former U.N. Under-Secretary Robert Muller's memories of war torn Alsace Lorraine, and his call for education for peace. Accounts of children thriving in indigenous villages add life-affirming tones. Avant-garde scientific discoveries about the body/heart/brain system resoundingly affirm the wisdom of restoring childhood to children. Finally, vignettes from the pioneering work of the Robert Muller School of Fairview round out this clarion call to transform education.

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