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Living Ethics Teacher Training

Learn from over 40 years of progressive education experience with the creator of Heart-Centered Education, Vicki Johnston. 


Vicki founded the Living Ethics School (32 years in the running), authored two books on education, created the HarmoniTales curriculum series for K-6th grades, and is now culminating her career with this long-awaited Heart-Centered Educator Certification program.

Certification Program

to become a

Heart-Centered Educator

The Heart-Centered Educator Certification program consists of three components: the Living Ethics Teacher Education course, a nine-month internship and a final practicum.

Living Ethics Teacher Education Course

60 hour study of the Heart-Centered Educational Philosphy

A study of the philosophical/psychological influences in the Living Ethics School through joint reading and discussion of the texts:

Heart Wings: An account of children learning through Heart-Centered Education by Vicki Diane Johnston


A Heritage of Great Thoughts: Advocates for Children Learning Naturally and Joyfully by Vicki Diane Johnston

Based primarily on these texts, student will pre-read chapter and lead discussions of:

A. The cultural implication of avant-garde physiology and heart/brain science on child guidance

B. Precedents for Relationships that engage cooperation and communicate Heart to Heart

C. Child appropriate methods for learning math (Montessori, Steiner, Constructivist Math, Singapore Math)

D. The whole language approach to literature and creative writing (Don Holdaway)

E. The synthesis of science, art and ethics, the cultivation of the whole brain and academic integration by means of HarmoniTales

F. The role of good nutrition as the foundation for optimal health, pH-balanced electrical and emotional equilibrium, strong immune systems, and dedicated professionalism with a minimally uninterrupted teaching/mentoring presence

A Nine Month Internship assisting a Certified Mentor

A paid internship for one school year

Get real experience practicing all the training obtained during the Teacher Education course.


Final Step to obtain Certification

The practicum is a demonstration of understanding and skill development that includes the following aspects:

  1. An individual presentation of a self-chosen writer's approach to education and/or child psychology that has profoundly impacted education for better or worse

  2. Record of one specific child's growth during the internship

  3. Presentation of a whole language lesson

  4. Presentation of a HarmoniTales lesson

  5. Presentation of a series of three math lessons incorporating principles gleaned from Singapore, Montessori and Waldorf math

  6. Heart-centered enactment of 6 challenging scenarios

  7. Ability to clarify the Relationship Protocols

    • With staff members

    • With parents

    • With children

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Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from the best in relating to children heart -to-heart and get started on your path to becoming a Certified Heart-Centered Educator!
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Upcoming Training:


9:00am to 2:00pm


Living Ethics Teacher Education Course - Part I

This summer education course runs for two weeks:

Week 1: Tuesday, 5/29 - Friday, 6/1

Week 2: Monday, 6/4 - Thursday, 6/7

Note: This course can be taken stand-alone without the intent to complete the certification program.

(Upon registration, we will send you a Paypal invoice.)


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